Human Energy Foundation


The operating company «  Human energy SAS » , will be dedicating a percentage of the sales of its cans to the « Human energy Foundation» .
Ambassadors of international renown, these personalities from prominent society, the show – business world and the sports areas, will be chosen for their attachment to human values and their profound interest in the protection of the environment. All of them will participate in promoting the Foundation in its humanitarian and charitable actions in the countries where the international brand will be present.

From water wells in African countries.... to humanitarian actions in the field, the Foundation will be devoted to jointly helping the most underprivileged (disaster – stricken, poverty or facing impending confllicts ), in order to answer specific needs (hunger, health, rebuilding after a disaster, education, children protection, creation of water and communication systems, dispatching of goods or first-hand equipment and personnel, reinforcement of local volunteers etc...).




Human energy supports Vie Sans Frontières.

Vie Sans Frontières is a humanitarian non-profit organization dedicated to helping the less fortunate in the construction of wells giving them access to drinking water.

Vie Sans Frontières also responds to various urgent needs such as providing mosquito nets, an effective means to combat malaria, or providing food aid for schoolchildren to curb school absenteeism.

The villages of Peuls de Keur Cheikh and Ndianda Péthiéka, in Sénégal were the first  to benefit from the humanitarian relief.

Human energy thanks Frederic Guénon, president of the Association, which enables the foundation to build a first well for the people of Ndiol Mangane.

Ndiol Mangane is a village which includes a dozen hamlets representing a population of approximately 4,000. It is located 200 km south of Dakar, in the Fatick region.

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KYFEKOI Association

Human energy, a new support for the KYFEKOI association’s humanitarian aid …

The KYFEKOI Association presided by the one and only Marc-Olivier Perotti is an association dedicated to organizing various events and activities for people suffering from various handicaps. 

This year’s project consists in organizing a humanitarian stay in Morocco from September 23 to October 5. 

Orchestrated by Marc –Olivier and Didier Lagrange- president of Boy′s Land Organization - this trip’s goal is to bring much needed first aid equipment (paramedical, medical..) to a center for handicapped people of Moroccan "Horizon of the Handicapped" Association, as well as equally needed school equipment.  The participants and the KYFEKOI association will collect this equipment before the trip. 

This event will represent an equally rare opportunity for about ten handicapped people to live a true adventure in a foreign country with their accompanists. 

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